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[3], Norra and Mister Bones' stolen Imperial shuttle soon found itself in a thick aerial battle over the skies of Jakku. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. Per Akiva tradition, Brentin was buried in a salt mire so that his remains would be consumed by nature. [11], Bones was capable of rebooting himself. After experiencing memories of the Clone Wars, Mister Bones remembered Temmin's last set of commands. Niima also furnished them with an old Imperial shuttle and old Imperial uniforms. Bones leapt down from the head of the AT-ST and killed two of the stormtroopers with his vibroblades. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. After passing through the Imperial blockade, Mister Bones and his comrades entered Ashmead's Lock. However, Norra and Jas were captured by Imperial forces. Despite his playful and sarcastic sense of humor, Bones could also be violent and once ripped the sadistic Imperial officer Effney to shreds for disintegrating him. About; API; Donators; Original design by Alsciende (NetrunnerDB and ThronesDB).Modified and adapted to SW Destiny by fafranco82. Bones (disambiguation) Mister Bones ended up on the planet Jakku. After losing an arm and bending his metal leg at Ashmead's Lock, Temmin managed to repair the droid using parts salvage from the Millennium Falcon. Loyal to his programming, Bones accompanied his master on a long walk. Mr. Bones is a comedy/action movie starring Leon Schuster and Faizon Love. In Bones' absence, Norra and Wedge came under attack from Imperial forces but were rescued by New Republic ships. •Straight, brown hair. Please see the. In return for bring the wounded Hutt back to her headquarters, Niima agreed to give them the clearance codes needed to enter Gallius Rax's Imperial base, where Sloane and Brentin were held. per month. [5], Following the rebellion on Akiva, Mister Bones was rebuilt by Temmin and Norra. Mister Bones and his master Temmin stayed behind on Chandrila while Norra and Wedge departed on an unauthorized mission to the last known coordinates of Han Solo in Wild Space. Due to the damage he had sustained earlier, Mister Bones began to malfunction and made a remark about blasting meatbags, momentarily mistaking Norra for Temmin. By that stage, Temmin had repaired Mister Bones using supplies from the Falcon. Upon arriving outside the palace, the companions were ambushed and captured by Imperial stormtroopers led by Admiral Sloane. After capturing Aram, Sinjir interrogated the Siniteen and learned about the prison's layout. [11], Mister Bones and Temmin headed to the Old Gather-House, where the Liberation Day speech was scheduled to take place. [11], The following day, Mister Bones went to find his master, mistaking his disappearance for a hide-and-seek game. 2-3 days after $10+ Patreons. Bones gave Wedge an uncomfortable hug before dancing around Landing Platform OB-99 in dramatic swoops, plies, and pirouettes. While surveying Aram's compound, Temmin and Norra's team encountered Han Solo. He was constructed by Temmin Wexley and built from components the boy scavenged from the catacombs beneath Myrra, the capital city of Akiva. Dr.Bones is creating content you must be 18+ to view. Bones later separated from Norra's party and reunited with Temmin during the battle. It's a Battle of the Killer Droids today as Mr. Bones and HK-47 square off in a fight to the death. During the Battle of Jakku, Bones along with Norra joined forces with Sloane and Brentin to stop Counselor Gallius Rax from detonating both Jakku and the New Republic and Imperial forces. Temmin then told Bones that they had to find his mother, Norra, and warn her. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper. [11], Later, Mister Bones was present at a meeting organized by Norra to discuss the poisoning of Rear-Admiral Gedde and Princess Leia Organa's request to rescue her husband, Han Solo. Aram was privy to information on an automated Imperial prison on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk called Ashmead's Lock. Mister Bones took part in the hunt for Grand Admiral Sloane. [3], Following the Galactic Concordance, Temmin buried Mister Bones' droid arm with his father, Brentin, who had perished on Jakku at the hands of Gallius Rax. At this time, the movie was the highest grossing movie in South African cinematography history. Norra made peace with both Sloane and Brentin, and the group headed towards the Jakku Observatory.[3]. [3], Mister Bones was created by Chuck Wendig for his 2015 novel, Aftermath. Due to Brentin's unwilling role in the Attack on Chandrila, Norra was initially hostile towards her husband and told him to get his hands off her. Temmin roused the battle droid by appealing to his lust for violence and danger. All rights reserved. Mr Bones will be going into any non-mill Ani deck and because R2 and C3PO are going to be good Mr Bones will see play and you are going to be sad if he ever readies once or even twice ... 3PO and we’ve had Ani for a long time but I think many of us forgot that he can fix droid dice. She and Mister Bones then cornered Sloane and Brentin, who had just freed themselves of their restraints. Bones and his companions traveled on their shuttle towards the valley below the Plaintive Hand plateau, where the survivors had gathered. 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