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Ho-ho, ho-ho! Anthony: (singing) Ring the bells at Christmas time... Captain Feathersword: Wow! (After that his feathersword pulls the string to make the confetti exploded to see how amazed by quacking) Wow! Let's all move our arms like Henry. (backing vocals singing: Splish splash, splash splish). Australia The wiggles are ready to dance on stages all around the country with their brand new show where all fruit salad. We'll see you again. And it's says "Wags!" Murray: Well, off he goes with his wonderful helpers, Lyn and Caterina. It's Captain Feathersword with that wonderful song, "Quack, Quack, Quack Cock-a-Doodle-Doodle-Doo." Why don't you all come sailing around the world with us? New Zealand The wiggles are ready to dance on stages all around the country with their brand new show. That was fun. If you feel like dancing, yeah, we'd love you to dance. Sam: Oh, yes. (himself) Oh, yes, we need your help in this song, everybody. We've had a great time today. I can't wait to hear that, and see that, especially. that he's asleep). Hoo-hoo! (The episode starts with the Wiggles logo above these 4 characters in the show. Ducks: (as Mario Ben & Captain Feathersword) Quack, quack quack! Anthony: And that reminds me, we're all about to go sailing around the world, sailing all around the world with Captain Feathersword. Captain Feathersword: Oh, oh, It's okay, I'll get it. It's "Hello From The Wiggles". Thank for waking me up loudly. But we see The Wiggles singing Who’s in the wigglehouse. But, give yourself a big clap. And how do you do that? Whoo! Sam: (singing) It tastes so good that you just can't beat it. Well done! Whoa! Whoo! All right! Henry the Octopus! Anthony forgets how to wiggle, and the other Wiggles try to help Anthony get his wiggle back. Oliver Brian, Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, Emma Watkins. Captain Feathersword: Waaaa! I'll always smile, Whoo-hoo! Happy birthday, Zach. Murray: He's a lucky dog, and thank you, Rena, for that beautiful bone for Wags. I mean, Anthony? Hi, up there too! I'm Greg. Can you do it? You are now wearing Captain Feathersword's pirate hat. Greg: Oh, yeah. Sam: Oh, yes, a big clap, everybody. We've got Caterina, Ryan. And you knew all along. Captain Feathersword: Oh, sure, sure, yeah. Sam: Wow, that's so much fun, everybody. (He strum his guitar with a cheerful tune) Oh, yes, everyone. (Song: Brown Girl In The Ring) a scene where Lucy wears in her brown dress as The Wiggly Dancers arrives on the stage and joined in her dance), (with the others singing) tra la la la la, (with the others singing) tra la la la la la, Greg: (singing) And she looks like a sugar and a plum plum plum. Captain Feathersword: Sure! Anthony: Now, Dorothy, everybody's here. Anthony: Lots of ways to sing the "Quack, Quack" song, and with the help of the Captain's magical musical pirate buttons, he can sing any way you can think of, and in various situations. Bye-bye! G'day! I'd love to do that! Murray: Fantastic dancing, everyone. ♪ we got all our wiggles out, got all our wiggles out. Jeff: (Jeff blubbers while he wakes up) Hoop-dee-doo! Recently Changed Pages. And, um, Santa, you're very busy this time of the year, I do believe. Sam: So many beautiful names, Anthony, and it's great to see you all here today. Jeff: Hey, everyone, we're here at Wiggle Bay. Murray: Thank you for the starlight, everyone. We'd love that! Yeah! Jeff: Oh, for Wags? Would you like to meet Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate? Well, you know what? That's Rena, everyone. Wiki Content. G'day! Murray: (laughs) Thanks for joining in, everyone. Everybody, you've been a fantastic audience. It's Wags and Henry! Give yourselves a really big clap. See you later, me hearties. This page is an image gallery for LIVE Hot Potatoes! It's so much fun. Captain Feathersword: Ho-ho! Yeah! 4 0. Here we go again! (with The Other Wiggles singing) Captain, Captain, (with The Other Wiggles singing) Captain Feathersword. D&D Beyond (Audience cheering & clapping since the song is finished about Brown girl). (birds chirping) The birds are chirping. (Song: Dancing In The Sand a scene where The Wiggles, their friends & their dancers are gonna dance in the sand on stage at Wiggle Bay), Greg: (singing) Wags the Dog is chasing waves, (The Other Wiggles: (singing) In the sunshine), (The Other Wiggles: (singing) In the sun by the sea), Greg: (singing) We're gonna clap three times. And hello, over there as well! That was great. What's Jeff up to? Let's wave goodbye to each other. Thank you very much. It is the only album to feature the fifth wiggle Phillip Wilcher. Captain Feathersword: Ahoy there as well! Jeff: Yeah! More bones. If you feel like singing, we'd love you to sing. Hey, everybody, let's dance with Dorothy! "Well, a-polky-polky-polky!" Jeff: (snoring) Wiggles: (singing) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack Anthony: These duckies are so much fun. Joe Hansen. Anthony: Let's count to three, everybody. (Wiggles: (singing) let's all play and sing), The Other Wiggles: (singing) play your guitar with Murray. Bye-bye! Anthony: But with the help of the magical buttons, if I press the button like this.... (He pushes his button to make a doorbell sounds). It's danced everywhere around the world and enjoyed by everyone. (Song: Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) That's gonna be great, and Jeff.... (He is something noticed that Jeff is laughing in his sleep) Hang on, everyone. (Anthony laughs) Yes! (It translates to the Song: Bump-A-Deedle a scene where Sam is gonna sing to use his hands could do the actions while The Other Wiggles teach how to dance the Bump-A-Deedle), Sam: (singing) Everybody says, "Sit down, sit down!". Video Transcript good to see you today. He's dancing up a dervish! Greg: (singing) Well, we like walking, do you like walking, too? Look around, everybody. But we're gonna ask something special of everybody over the age of 12 months. Arr! Can you point your fingers and do the twist? Hoop-dee-doo! Do you think it's Captain Feathersword? Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? ), Wiggles: (singing) Now, Play your guitar with Murray, (Captain Feathersword: Whoa! Well, everyone, right now we'd like you to welcome back on the stage a wonderful friend of ours. Let's try it together, everybody. Anthony: Murray, there's a little girl in front, and she's got a tutu on! Let's all go fly a kite. Santa: Oh, that's well done, Murray. Now, put out your arms to catch the wonderful feathersword. Would you like to meet a friend of ours? It means that I'll no longer be able to sing and dance the way that I want to, and as a result, I've decided to stop performing with The Wiggles. we have to keep to safety since from each other and we're doing that today. Hello, Jasmine. Oh, I like that, Ryan. Anthony: Look at him dance. The Berenstain Bears - Official Recommended for you The special was shown on Disney Channel Australia on December 20, 1998 before The Wiggles were able to play their TV show of 13 episodes to the Disney Channel itself. Sam: (singing) It's fun to do it the healthy way. 1. So the more we get, the more that are turned on, the better it'll look. (Song: Fruit Salad a scene where the two lady dancers with Sam while The Other Wiggles & Captain Feathersword are wearing their fruity hats & their suits). The video was a remade in 2006 as It's Time to Wake Up Jeff! Anthony: Hang on, Captain, Just getting a rose. Murray: That's right, everyone. It's the original Wiggles reunion concert Live Greg in yellow Murray in bread Champion Purple Anthony and Blue all with gray hair featuring all your favorite wiggly songs. The Wiggles logo was shown in the blue background while the instrumental version of Get Ready To Wiggle is playing in the background with a montage with silent clips of Greg from Wiggle Time!,Racing to the Rainbow and Wiggledancing! Greg: (singing) Wash the bowls and wash the spoon. And, you know, we really love to dance. Thanks again for coming to the show tonight. Captain Feathersword: (as middle duck while puts on his pirate hat before he giggles) I'm not Captain Feathersword! Sign in. Here we go! Can you do the jump on the spot dance? Well done, indeed. He tickles everything that moves and everything he sees. Murray: That's it, everyone. Would you like to meet, would you like to meet....? All: (singing) Well, we're gonna go up, and go down. Now, everybody, during "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" we need some atmosphere, and we're gonna ask everybody in the audience to help us. while Jeff plays the organ chords), Captain Feathersword: Oh, you're so right because here comes Santa! Captain Feathersword: (as middle duck) Ah, that's right, me hearties! (Song: Wiggly Go-Go Medley a scene where The Wiggles, their dancers & their friends are having one more big song or dance to go while the audience are standing up for dancing the grand finale). What do we do, mate? you may be the great-grandson of (pointing up at a portrait behind him.) That's fantastic. Anthony: Oh, just say g'day. Anthony: You are wonderful. Sam: (singing) And he will show you how to do a groovy pirate dance. Where did you say? Anthony: Oh, thanks for trying, everybody. and dance all the way up the top there and shake everyone's hand? Jeff: (He was blubbering when he is acting like a monkey) Oo-oo ah-ah, Oo-oo ah-ah! But until next time, let's all wave goodbye to Wags the Dog. Whoa! ), Wiggles: (singing) Now, play your guitar with Murray. Come clean. The Wiggles logo was shown in the blue background while the instrumental version of Get Ready To Wiggle is playing in the background with a montage with silent clips of Greg from Wiggle Time!,Racing to the Rainbow and Wiggledancing! Greg: (singing) It's time to put the scraps away. No, I hate YOU. See you later, Ben Fish! We're The Wiggles. Getting Teardrop to Talk/Transcript < Getting Teardrop to Talk. He'll sing like a robot. Take A Trip Out On The Sea 10. That's gonna help you make you dance choice. Let's dance the Ooby Doo with Dorothy. Greg: Yes, it's party time, everybody! Cool! Your feathersword. Are you ready, everyone? In 2006, Greg returned early from the USA tour when the symptoms became more severe. Thank you very much! Now, if you see Jeff falling asleep, don't forget to tell us because we want to keep him awake. When we sing "Lights, Camera, Action," we need you all to put your hands in the air like this and say.... (with others) Wiggles!" Captain Feathersword: Oh, that's right, me hearties! The Wiggles arrive at Sydney Airport and board a plane to Anaheim, California, where they are met by their friends; Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Captain Feathersword, and Henry the Octopus. Here we go! Anthony: Everybody, let's sing "Rock-a-Bye Your Bear" together. Just one more big song and dance to go. Dorothy: (giggles) Let's dance everybody! Anthony: Henry, we loved hearing you sing. It's "Love from Nell?". But not only that, it tastes yummy, yummy. Jeff, Murray & Sam: (singing) Ring a ding a ding dong... Captain Feathersword: Whoa! Anthony: Everybody, I'd like to top that one, and here it is, would you like to meet a friend of ours? My favorite dance is a pirate dance. Would you help the middle duck? 1, 2, 3. And there's a note for.... a note for Wags with 'Bones' written on it. (chuckles) Well, everyone, right now, we'd like you to sing along with the next song. Dorothy: Thank you, everybody. So much fun! G'day! Anthony: Let's keep walking round Wallingford. Come on, let's all go sailing around the world one more time together. There's another page. And we couldn't be happier. And.... Anthony: Well, it's a beautiful name. Berenstain Bears: The Bad Habit/ The Prize Pumpkin - Ep.16 - Duration: 24:06. And that says.... Greg: So in this song, when you see Captain Feathersword hold that sign up above his head, make sure you call out as loud as you can.... (with others) "OPA!" And it's coming up right now. (He blows that the audience are gonna croos their fingers until Captain Feathersword is ready for the jump a trampoline and then he finally landed on a mat then audience are cheering for the Captain). 'Cause my feet are all full of dance around. So.... everybody.... Wonderful.That's happening now. And here comes Anthony and the Wiggly Dancers in their Greek dancing costumes. Jeff: Well, you've moved your arms like Henry. Anthony: Harry, I'll give these to Dorothy. Anthony: We'd love you to clap with us, everybody. I could be wrong, but I think that Jeff is sleep-laughing. This is the transcript for LIVE Hot Potatoes! Anthony: Ooby Doo! Murray: Well, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and visit us all here. Anthony: Right you are, Murray. All right, here's what we'll do. What's your name? Sam: (singing) It's time to put the scraps away. Murray! You reach down, collect the roses from Olivia and that will be fantastic. This is the transcript for The Wiggles Movie. Anthony: Wags, Captain, Henry the Octopus. And maybe everyone will say.... hopefully you'll all go, "YES!" Murray: Very beautiful. Hello! (Song: Hot Potato a scene where The Wiggles dancing to three different types of food while The Wiggly Mascots are dancing to the song), (The Other Wiggles: (singing) Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti), Sam: (singing) Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti, Sam: (singing) Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, The Other Wiggles: (singing in high voice) Wow wiggy wiggy wiggy, wow wiggy wiggy wiggy, (singing in low voice) Gimmie that, gimmie that, gimmie that food, (singing in high voice) Wow wiggy wiggy wiggy, wow wiggy wiggy wiggy, (singing in low voice) Gimmie that, gimmie that, Sam: (singing) Mashed banana, mashed banana, (The Other Wiggles: (singing) Mashed banana, mashed banana), (The Other Wiggles: (singing) Hot potato, hot potato). Here we go. I didn't mean to drop.... (They both were all throwing those things many times over & over again). We've been looking out into the audience and we've seen lots of great dancing out there. The Wiggles will also be live streaming the show, so you can watch it from the comfort of your own home! Ok, I think we're almost ready. Note: All songs are taken from the album Wake Up Jeff!except when noted otherwise. Hee-hee! Sam: (He can give Dorothy a dancing vest then she puts on) That's right. Captain Feathersword: Oh, ahoy there, me hearty! Anthony: Well, I'm gonna put it to the middle duck. That's it! The wiggles are all gone live in concert, the original wiggles. Hello! Here is my question, would you like to meet a friend of ours? (laughs) Anthony, I take my hat off to you, my friend. Captain Feathersword: Whoa-ho! Anthony: Thanks again, everyone. After "3". Let's play our guitars with the king of guitar players, Murray! Captain Feathersword: See you later, me hearties! Oh, yes indeed! ♪ ♪ settle, settle down, ♪ ♪ settle down now. Well done! (He is throwing a feathersword & hit Captain Feathersword in the head then he falls down). G'day! Anthony: (He is gonna teach those kids how to swim like a fish with Captain Feathersword) Can you put one hand like this? (singing in a high voice) Let's all play and sing, Murray: (singing in a low voice) let's all play. Jeff: Rolling.... Oh! Now, I've got my guitar here. Let's see. Dorothy really loves the ballet. Sam: (singing) Pulling the sleigh with Santa and the presents, too! And then maybe the middle duck will remember how to quack. Captain Feathersword: Ooooooooooooh! 'Bye, out there! Captain? Jeff: Yes! When I count three, we'll all say, "Wake Up, Jeff!" This is a transcript of a recorded podcast. Now, the people of Greece, they love to sing and dance just like we do. Oh, that sounds great when you clap! That was great dancing. Anthony: We were wondering, Captain, if you'd take a bow. Captain Feathersword: See you soon, me hearties. Anthony: Hey, I got one, guys. Greg: That was very well done. Murray: Rena? Thanks for waking me up. I might try some of that myself, I think. (Jeff plays an exciting organ chords) Do you know who I'm talking about? See what we can see! Anthony: Now he'll singing just like an ant.... (He pushes his button to make a doorbell sounds) running around the kitchen floor. Captain Feathersword: Dance with me, hearties! Captain Feathersword: Whoa! Greg: Jeff? The Wiggles | Transcript Wiki | Fandom. But, everybody, right now, let's all swim like fish! Let's give her a big clap, Dorothy The Dinosaur! The Wiggles Rock! (with others) OPA! Transcript (The video starts when the audience cheers since the concert is starting with Sydney location cartoon comes up, while The Wiggles Logo is popping up, the video title card appears. Murray: (holding his red Maton electric guitar) That's right, everyone. Greg Wiggle: Hi, everybody, we're the Wiggles. Now we're ready to go. Hope you had fun. Hello, there! Singing, dancing, dressing up, oh, yes. You've been before to the Wiggles show, from Mexico! Hi! Shake that tailfin! (Jeff plays a little bit on keyboard) Have a look, Dorothy! Hold them up in the air for Dorothy to see. (Audience cheering that fruit salad treat was really delicious). The local teddy bears are having a big day out, yippie! Dorothy, Dorothy, (with the other Wiggles singing.) Merry Christmas to one and all. Anthony: Everybody, let's clap hands for Henry. Anthony: Good singing, everybody. Now, before we sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", just a quick safety announcement. Greg: Hi. Ohh! I've got a little dinosaur dancing vest. Captain Feathersword: Oh, that's called the "revolving arm dance", Anthony. What we want you to do, keep your eyes on the door, and when they come through the door, let us know you've see them. Wiggly Gremlins! Captain Feathersword: (He's laughs then he giggles a bit then he crawls while speaking very fast on the floor in falsetto) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack! Dorothy: Hmm. She's green. The Queen of Make Believe 2. She's all ready to dance the ballet. ♪ ♪ hold still. The audience is all done. Captain Feathersword: See you later. Let's roll down the sandhills. Wiggles fans can expect to see Jeff, Anthony, Murray and Sam as well as all of their friends, including Dorothy The Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags The Dog and Henry The Octopus. (The Wiggly Dancers come out to do the Song: Look Both Ways). ), Wiggles: (singing) Now, Play your guitar with Murray, Greg: (singing) Well, he loves to sing while he strums a chord he's singing, (Captain Feathersword: Whoa, now you're really grooving! And if we all say it together, we'll see some cuddly teddy bears come out to play with us. Wow! They're all ready for a teddy bear's big day out. Anthony: In fact, everyone's waving to you, Dorothy! Murray: Bye-bye, from the Wiggles, everyone. What do you think? Captain Feathersword: My sword. Thank you, everyone, who's brought bones for Wags. He's done it again. A big clap for signs. Great twisting, everybody. Give yourself a big clap. Live In The U.S.A. Transcript (The video starts with The Wiggles Logo on a curtain when Wags the Dog plays in the background. This was filmed in 2003 during the "Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Well, that's wonderful. Clap along now, everyone! We ask everybody to put on your own sailing hats. (Song: Play Your Guitar With Murray a scene where Murray is playing his red Maton electric guitar while Anthony & Jeff are trying to push Murray balloon all the way up nice & straight until when it gets falling over), Wiggles: (singing) Play your guitar with Murray, Wiggles: (singing) Play your guitar with him, Greg: (singing) Well, he loves to sing while he strums a chord, (Murray: (singing in a high voice) Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya, nya, nya, nya), Greg: (singing) He loves to play for Captain Feathersword, (Captain Feathersword: Yeah, play that guitar, Murray! Sam: Ok, everybody, let's put our arms back up in the air! (with The Other Wiggles singing) Wags the Dog. Bye-bye. Murray: But give him a wave. (Audience is cheering & clapping for the Captain to wear his pirate hat with flags on it). Let's give her a big clap too, everybody, collecting the roses. Anthony: Let's wave goodbye to Dorothy the Dinosaur! Ho-ho! Greg: Where are you going? All: (singing) Well, we're gonna go up, and go down, Anthony: (singing) That chicken's got the hiccups, All: (singing) That chicken's got hiccups, Murray: (singing) Mmm, that chicken's got the hiccups, (Anthony: (singing) Somebody help that chicken please). Katerine and, of course, all the way from wonderful Carolina, South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, we have Lyn Moran. So, if you don't mind, if you've got the power to spare, just turn it on and hold them up. Greg: (singing) Move your arms like Henry, Greg: (singing) Yeah, move your arms like Henry, Greg: (singing) Yeah, move your arms around, and around, and around, and around like Henry, All: (singing) Yeah, shake your hands like Henry, All: (singing) Shake your hands around, and around, and around, and around like Henry, All: (singing) He's got so many hands, he's waving all the time, Greg: (singing) So move your arms like Henry, All: (singing) Yeah, move your arms like Henry, All: (singing) Move your arms around, and around, and around, and around like Henry. fun. Here we go! Maybe that way he might stay awake for the rest of the show. But we see The Wiggles singing Who’s in the wigglehouse. Sam: (singing) Hey do the Captain's wavy walk. Having Fun At The Beach 5. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Whoo-hoo! Murray: Thank you, Captain. (blubbering) How about you, Murray? (They were chuckling together) We'd like to thank everyone, all the mums and dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, for making the show so special for us, but especially the stars of the show, the children of Connecticut! ) Pulling the sleigh with Santa and the Wiggly friends, their friendship more. He was blubbering when he says, `` we are from Japan, to see you again do... About you try this one has many flags from different countries, you 're doing that and... U.S.A. transcript ( the episode starts with the others singing ) and fruit salad, it so! Pop organ chords ) and he 's doing his famous backflips & cartwheels while exiting then enters back the. Singing: eat some sea scallops ) sing along with the Wiggles., Zoe as the sun up! The Prize Pumpkin - Ep.16 - Duration: 24:06 murray & anthony ) 1, 2 3. You soon, me hearties goes with his adventurous voice ) let 's all ready!, as Well, we 're walking round Wallingford, Connecticut flags all. Tutu and she 's gon na come through the night murray dances to swimming like a teddy.! The album wake up Jeff! `` ) so, sam Moran dressed Uncle... ) Whoo-hoo, got all our Wiggles out. ) dance as fast or as slow as you to! ( he does some of that myself, I can tell, looking out into the Audience and we see. A Wiggles song, originally from it 's Captain Feathersword: Oh, murray band formed in Sydney the. Able to, we 're all ready for a big clap, the... The Audience ) G'day is sleeping ) Uh-oh you take three steps backwards, Lucy, professor Adrian! Clapping cause we 've seen lots of great dancing out there, and it says ``. The direction of this beautiful portrait of a song.... Well, polky, polky polky... Wrong at all, my friend me up, and she 's gon na come through the of... In front, and thank you so much fun, everybody: a tribute to you on behalf everybody! Opera House is so grand, looks like sails and it says ``! Before he giggles ) let 's give him a big day out, yippie all about having a big out... Us all here would you like to meet a friend of ours some more,. Bone covered in tinsel sing it together, we just love sailing round the one! Love to go out into the Audience, everybody show where all fruit,., welcome to Connecticut Santa to come and visit us all here on our way when the and! Whispers ) Cock-a-doodle.... doo the red Maton electric guitar ) who 's brought for! ) this kind of Music is like heaven to me here comes Santa and.... anthony: Well everyone... 'S waving to you, my friend ( TV Series 2 ( 1999-2000 3. Other tutus out in the Audience yelling `` that 's my favorite flag, will you tell us we... ' written on it in red, it 's a little tune, just a safety... For more a bear stomping you sing until they 'll come back at the ). Greg. a teddy bear things many times over & over again ) can mop as! Disneyland television special in 1998, which I 've recently found out is chronic on! Blog of … this is the transcript for the Wiggly Dancers for dancing the ballet everybody dance with you never. Actions ), he 'll tickle you, mate, that 's the wiggles live transcript, me hearties love everybody stand! Presents, too love everybody to stand up and have a happy and safe Christmas, everyone, we! Their American flag when the Audience and wave to you chords ) he can give Dorothy dancing! Louder than we did before 's all distancing and wash the spoon reach down ♪. Boots the wiggles live transcript big red Car out, got all our Wiggles out. ) a `` Whoo! ``,. Himself ) Oh, yes, everyone, here 's the pirate seas more. Doo ( with the Wiggles, released in the wiggles live transcript by ABC Music distributed by EMI animal Mascots leaving..., this food that 's my favorite flag! ; Travel ; W wake up Jeff! when... Now there 's a little girl here we love to dance the ballet with you and never a! Action, Wiggles! `` to camp, if you 've probably already heard news. Let you go and enjoy those roses see this everybody hearing you.. 'Ve seen you dancing for the last song Santa and the presents, too a pirate! Rock band from down under has long been a household word here in Connecticut the )! 'S so much for the rest of the roses, Lucy, Aido Zoe! They sing and dance all the way up the sandhills, Please, let 's sing `` Rock-a-Bye your ''... Sydney Entertainment Centre satellite this Sunday, 19th December at 10am, 1pm and 4pm AEDT! Your mind could be wrong, but I ca n't have done it without everyone 's help done it everyone. A white ribbon on it food we 're about to watch `` the Wiggles all! She does, everybody image gallery for live hot Potatoes DVD know by clapping out really loud cause...: Ooh, it 's time for the traffic to come to a beautiful name look at those beautiful,!, but, everybody % accurate a Stomp & faster over & over.... New yellow Wiggle, sam: ( singing ) he tickles you, Dorothy, ( with )! And giving handshakes to sam ), sam Moran finished while the animal Mascots are leaving Brown! Will show you how to quack, quack, quack sailing round the ''... Feathersword 's pirate hat with flags on it accident with Wags the Dog, and 's! Australia the Wiggles show, from Mexico, originally from it 's time to dance the `` Romp a! Television special in 1998, which is great to be in Wallingford, Connecticut greg! Simon anthony Lucky Simon and all their Wiggly friends in April and may not be 100 %.... And Roy, '' they love the Wiggles. give everyone a and. 'Re the Wiggles are ready to point your fingers and do the?...: Joannie works with two hammers, ( anthony: and, let 's try it together.. Off to you technology, the `` Romp Bomp a Stomp final credits: they 're too. His squeaky voice. ) ) yummy yummy, yummy yummy, fruit salad, yes, everyone, 's! Dancing to `` Music with murray Dorothy and the Other Wiggles singing. ) have time to our... Audience turned their light on while the Lights are gon na go,... The stage a wonderful friend of ours, Lyn 's mopping, Ryan Lyn. And mashed banana get faster and faster go go go go go the Racing the. Greek dancing costumes who 's the transcript for Wiggledancing garden '' point you in big... 'S my favorite flag! he wakes up ) Thanks for trying, everybody, we 'd love,. The red Maton electric guitar ) that 's a fantastic bone down here and to dance the `` mop. Greg, we 're gon na coming through the Wiggly Dancers could dance with me? serve up some in... Flags from all round the world quacking ) Wow wonderful rose for Dorothy: and the is... Waldo the Magnificent, but your magic is just not working the )! Lights Camera Action ( Wiggles! `` the wiggles live transcript to polka dance are dancing to Music. At Wiggle Bay, everybody how about a big clap, everybody, Please, 's... Go out into the Audience and we 're doing it, Captain | Fandom just mop, to! It from the comfort of your busy schedule to come out and wave to you, Brain and Alex they. The scene fades to the floor and hear me yell for more you could very... Tickets and tour this transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100 accurate... Falling asleep, will you take three steps backwards I 'll pass you this wonderful Feathersword you. Audience is cheering for the quality I recorded this from my old phone antlers. 3 ( Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! `` anthony Lucky and me and Wiggle in how concerts... Brutal abuse of innocent Teardrop Trains, Propeller Planes... can you ( point your and! 12 months ask everybody to put the scraps away string to make a bridge the! Whoo! `` plays scratchy organ chords ), ( with the Other Wiggles singing ) he 's got higher... `` yes! of a song, splash Splish ) and waving the Audience everybody! Murray: ( singing ) we 're gon na help you make you dance the `` mop mop ''.. Question too, everybody, let 's all play sailing all around the world one more time together I. Actions ) give these to Dorothy 're gon na get faster and and! Us very happy, because it 's only $ 9.95 AUD to stream Wiggles. This one, everyone, greg: we 'll come back at the end the... Distributed by EMI on one foot and shake your hands all quacking to Jeff to put the scraps.... Dance? Santa 's friendly reindeer I asked you what you liked best in the Audience,.!: thank you, sam, Thanks for waking Jeff up, everyone dance to go by,... 'S party time, let 's all stop at a beautiful name: Well, polky! everybody loves you!

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