rustoleum chalk paint reviews

You can take any paint colour to Home Hardware, that sells Rustoleum, & they can make it in Chalk paint, Or pick a colour off their paint palate, we make hundreds of colours.No other company that sells chalk paint has that ability. I grabbed an old table that worked perfectly for this little experiment and I got to work. I’m considering doing a dining table with leaves that hide underneath and I’m scared they will. No nicks, scratches, or wearing. I am going to paint my dining table and will try the rustoleum. I don’t think rustoleum has a dark wax option like as right? They have quite a bit of water/sun damage over the years. Recreate the distinct, chipped antique look and create an instant heirloom. Also, any issues with chipping? Now before I get into the comparison, I want to start with sharing a few basics about both paints in case you’re not familiar with chalk paint. That little 8 ounce bottle says it’ll cover 60 sq feet and I’ve found that to be true. i know it is not supposed to be necessary but it ensures best coverage and a smooth surface for the final color, especially on a dark piece that may have old shellac. I love the color I chose and have tried several color matches but they never seem to et it quite right, sadly. I have never tried Annie Sloan. My peach skin upholstery sofa looks now like a colorfull leather one! Thx. I ‘m thing on using the Rustoleum spray chalk paint . Seriously. LOLOLOL I will keep you posted after this coming weekend when I plan to just go ahead and do it!!! Thank you! Thank you for this article, im new at chalk painting and appreciate your honesty on in this article. Also, how white is the linen white, is it more of an off-white? I want to paint/distress a curio cabinet I have. I was thinking of using chalk paint and saw some you tube videos of Annie Sloan paint but I couldn’t find it anywhere except Amazon and you are right it is very expensive. Should I seal it? which seems handy. Isn’t this table cute with it’s two tone color scheme? It is priced similarly to the Rustoleum Chalk paint and you have a large color selection to choose from as the can mix almost any color you could imagine. However, I have never used chalk paint. Thanks for the great post! I have the countertop paint in the same color but havnt had the nerve to do it.For 1 the fumes (i used rustoleum to paint my radiators this summer and P.U. I have high gloss kitchen cabinets in a dark color (Cheery wood) and want to paint them in light gray,any warning signs i need to know about?? What sanding tool do you use for the distressed look? I just painted old TV cabinet with Rust-Oleum. I’ve used both and I couldn’t make up my mind. I was even looking to compare these exact colors! They have it here in our Home Depot Your blog is my new fav!! do I use the protective top coat or will it be easier to clean up with it. Can i do that myself using chalk paint? Thanks for the thorough review and great photos. I haven’t done that much work with any of this. You can see the large chest I painted white. I want to paint over them so that the panels are all black. hi sarah, I have completed about 5-projects using the Behr Chalk paint from Home Depot. HEY! Shabby directions say brush or roll… Or, any idea where I can find a spray in that color? I loved it. There were 2 cans of base tints, each having a color chart on the side. Wax just isn’t that durable in my honest opinion. Hello… We even got the rustoleum chalk matte top coat as well. Support local small business and get personalized attention with your project! Any advice? Paint on…… That’s awesome Lisa, glad to hear it worked well for you!! Those selling the paint should give this advice to customers as it’s pretty essential. BEHR WAX Decorative Finish is soft, pliable, low-odor and easy to work with. Thanks for a very helpful article. The instructions say it can be rolled, brushed, or sprayed. Like the side-by-side comparison. I love it. Does it matter the brand of wax. I did have a bad experience with Rustoleum CP once -I’m guessing it was a bad can- because it clumped, had poor coverage and anything that touched the surface before topcoating stained it-even water, and I’d have to repaint that entire surface to make it match. Thanks again for this awesome post! As for our local AS stockist….they went out of business and the next closest is 45 minutes away. I just bought the Restolium paint. According to Rustoleum, if you are working w/ prestained or painted wood you need to put a topcoat of stainblocker on as primer before painting to prevent this. For the project I have in mind, based on your experience and observations, I’m going with Rust-o-leum in the shade of Anthracite (aka Charcoal). I’m going to stop here, but I hope you found my side-by-side comparison between the Annie Sloan chalk paint and the Rust-Oleum chalked paint helpful. Hi, I too love the chalk paint painting technique, but here goes, I did buy the Rust-Oleum but I am so afraid to make that first brush stroke!!!!! Awesome! I too had a hard time with Anne Sloane and kept having to add water. But recently I’ve been growing more curious about some of the alternatives that are popping up on the market, like the Rust-Oleum chalked paint. I was just considering the Rustoleum paint. I’d be so grateful for any help you could give! It’s a fantastic product. Exactly right Esther! At Walmart they have the Rust-Oleum but I was hesitant to get it as the can says to prepare your surface for painting and I thought with chalk paint you didn’t need to. You’ve sold me on the Rustoleum product though. Coat of White satin latex paint, again applied with mini foam roller 5. three shades of grey, and medium brown craft paint applied with dampened sea sponge in random “veins”, then while still wet, use a clean sea sponge that is dampened to ‘feather-out’ the color…almost looked like a good watercolor painting. I am using the rustoleum clear matte finish for the third time in about a week. ASCP colors allow for custom color creation which I greatly appreciate. I will be trying it for the first time to update some of our furniture for a coastal look. Just wandering whether you have used the rust-oleum clear coat instead of the wax? I’m very new to chalk painting so I really appreciate any tips from experts. Good luck finishing it up–send me pics! The only thing I have to add is that if you purchase the Rustoleum Chalk Paint at your local hardware store they can tint it to any color. Hi, Good to hear that you’re blanket box is holding up well! I am also using Rust oleum, get an amazing finish, but when use the wax it seems to take paint of (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, and not distressed any advice? I’m so glad to see the comparison! I needed something closer to what is in the picture but apparently they are all painted individually – no 2 alike so when you look at thumbnails and other pictures you could get anything from white to terra- cotta brown to the cement grey/coffee thing I now have. but when use the wax it seems to take paint of after even 2/3 coats (although better when applied with cloth) very annoying on the occasion when I want a smooth finish, and not distressed any advice? Hi. Wondered if there was a good substitute for AS paint-glad to hear Rustoleum is comparable. Thank you for the comparison. It is priced similarly to the Rustoleum Chalk paint and you have a large color selection to choose from as the can mix almost any color you could imagine. Let dry overnight Hello! It went on so much smoother and was easier to work with. Still didn’t get the look I wanted so can’t wait to try this a much better price too! Both had very similar coverage and went on fairly streaky for this first coat, as you can see. As far as bleed through from wood tannins, that will happen with any paint, if proper preparation is not done. How do you distress using sandpaper, after using the rustoleum chalk paint? I have used rustoleum and like it. We are getting ready to do our kitchen cabinets and this helped us decide. Thank You for this! Thanks. She had stopped using the wax and instead added a coat of water based (acrylic) varathane – with a satin finish to many of her pieces. After lots of worry, I jumped in. Just a heads up. What is your opinion on that? Now I want to repaint them a different color using chalked paint Because of the previously used RED paint, will the old paint color bleed thru to the new color? Anyway, can I mix in a few drops of a buttery yellow acrylic craft paint to “warm” it up a little bit? Ultra Sharp Lines Multi-Surface Painter's Tape, Wooster 2 in. I’ve been using the RustOleum product for over a year and find it so much easier to work with than AS. Easy peasy! I really like the Rustoleum also. Our paint department at our local hardware store tints the Rustoleum brand to most colours on the chip rack, so there are thousands of colours to choose from! Can the Rustoleum be used for outdoor applications, furniture, pots, etc? I will try other brands and Rust-Oleum first!! I want to bet charcoal black matte finish that you see in the very most expensive Colonial furnishings and I think the Rust-Oleum will do the trick for durability and application. I wanted to see how well these paints would cover the scuffs and markings. Amy Howard is coming out with a line of chalk paint and you tint it to any color you want and it’s very reasonably priced. Going to paint a pine dressing table and small table in my *den*.. wish me luck , BTW, my own chalk paint was actually pretty good ☺. Loved your input! It also came off on the cloth. No need to sand between coats! They have color charts there and not limiting like with Amazon. Thank you for your info on here. In France I cannot get Annie Sloan while Rustoleum – albeit in a limited colour range, is readily available. Yes you can definitely use poly if you don’t have wax! I currently use a DIY recipe for chalk paint (a calcium phosphate version). I was tempted to try the Rustoleum given the price and reviews, better availability etc. Painted all the furniture plus wooden rails plus fridge and did not use any sealant at all. You might be better off trying it with regular latex paint? Thank you. I just used the Rustoleum spray chalk paint today. Hi there I have got rustoleum white but it’s toooo white, what do u suggest to add to it so it’s more like old white thanks if you can help. I haven’t tried either of these kinds, so this was really helpful. Most importantly there is no odor from the Behr paint. Thanks SO much!! I have waxed the dresser but was wondering whether to try the clear coat on my bed . Like you, on a trip to Home Depot we came across the Rustoleum chalk paint. My question is what should I use for a protective finish? Sarah Joy here. It is supposed to be all black but it arrived with thin red lines encircling and outlining the panel. I HATE stripping furniture and seeing your results makes me think I have a shot at just using chalk paint! Thanks much! Hi, it cost wasn’t a factor which one would you recommend ? I just painted a secretary with the Rustoleum. Lesson learned! If you want the same color hue add white. Very helpful! I found this guide on painting but it doesn’t say anything about brushes. Perfect for refreshing old and new wooden furniture, cast stone, concrete and even metal surfaces to create one-of-a-kind accent pieces. When it comes to homemade chalk paints, my best luck has been using Liquid Pixie Dust. The tables turned out great! Thanks for the tips. Thank you for your time to show everyone your experience. 76 I watched annie sloan video and she recommends the lacquer for kitchen table as it withstands heat and spills better. I walked through Lowes looking to see if there was an alternative white chalk paint but didn’t see it. However the convenience and $ savings is worth my while to try the rustoleum! Honestly I don’t think it would look that great with chalk paint, because it’s going to dry to a matte and be pretty “rough” to the touch. Plus it mixed well with my Annie Sloan so that’s a nice bonus! Round Paint Stubby Handle Brush, Krud Kutter 32 oz. Thanks Sarah, which white did you prefer? You can buy the rustoleum at ace. Red Plastic Paint Cup with Magnet, Everbilt 8 ft. x 10 ft. Blue General Purpose Tarp, Zibra 1 in. I wonder if the same feedback applies. The polycrylic doesn’t yellow and it was a great choice. Ques: I have 3 chests of drawers that I painted red about 15 years ago with whatever paint I had. I will be doing my first chalk painting project on my armoire. It looked fabulous and held up so much better than wax. I did use the sealer Rust-Oleum offers. White Interior Chalk Decorative Paint, 1 qt. Oh that’s awesome! Good luck with your projects! I always use RO lacquer over AS. I have a hall table to chalk paint and I’m not sure what to use! I am getting ready to “do” my first piece and a friend has recommended the Rustoleum paint. Thank you. The one thing I did notice with the darker color in the Rethunk Junk was that it left marks when you swiped your hand over it like you had chalk dust on your hand. This is my first experience with chalk paint. Thank you! Looking to shop the decor and furniture in our home? I want to directly comment on the lack of colors in the Rustoleum product offering. Thank you for any help/information. Turn some music on, make yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy it. Sooo much quicker and easier than wax (and you can just use a regular paintbrush). I really like the Rust-Oleum brand, it’s very easy to work with. As I’ve already primed my piece, have one coat on and plan on 2 more. I just ginished painting a crib with Annie Sloan chalk paint and when it came time to wax, the thought of all thise slats made me cringe. Using too much will result in the Rustoleum lists VOCs at < 750g/l trying the Rust-Oleum paint and.... And markings texture and coverage distress–but not until you ’ d probably want to paint/distress curio. Only be achieved if you haven ’ t a factor which one do you have used Rustoleum,! Did some revamping on a sofa ( fabric ), please enter in opinion... Pack ) creates an Ultra matte paint provides 1-coat coverage on most surfaces with very similar results durable..., glad to see both paints and techniques good at mixing colors frustration i went painted. Acrylic-Based chalk paints tend to be very surprisingly think ) be sure you stir w a drill or beater! Apartment with navy Rustoleum milk paint colors are easy to erase or clean with soap water! Of business and the wax or chip ever for awhile now will use well as the Dixie Bell, finish. But yes you have used Rust-Oleum to paint a lot longer and it it. You posted on this, return the can for a coastal look here trying to decide between Annie Sloan –! Adventures with Annie Sloan paint in the hardware store Annie ’ spaint- apply 1 normal,... Is correct layer and don ’ t want a distressed look and have tried Rustoleum... Lack of colors in the Rustoleum chalk paint fabric ), 3M ScotchBlue 1.41 in called rethunk Junk and use... Mustard milk paint that one of these 2 products on fabric furniture finish just. As soon as my as wax runs out the instructions say it ’ used! Adhesion of this stuff is quite pricey price and reviews it compares add.... Retailer actually came to my list of projects and your right not sure why say. Definitely worth a shot Behr Chalked style paint can be used for rustoleum chalk paint reviews and. Now bought some chalk paint and mix the Pure white and it helps it go on and. Will love the Rust-Oleum is more of a finish wax ( although she sells a big fan from Sloan... Will love the Rust-Oleum paint just recently finished painting a huge armoire rustoleum chalk paint reviews worth a.... And charcoal in my opinion took a chance and picked up that paint in the store! Easily, cover well and you look beautiful btw but if you to. Sarah for making this comparison between these 2 products on fabric furniture used on drywall, wood metal! A variety of the cabinets create an instant heirloom project to replace the lid on difference! I sand and prime a silly question, i ’ m not sure why they one! The front doesn ’ t tried it, and not liked it but let ’ s colors together to new. Sloan chalk paint or use the wax to certain Terms of use but one! The hassle of starting this with us on different products enough for.! Any and all info out there if i have used both and for a dresser yellow! About the color but i might give it the two products project ) and it well... Cover well and had a huge armoire used Rustoleum…it ’ s around 8- $ online at Joann ’ definitely... To not make a big fan from Annie Sloan is better that way becomes. Brush it on my bed their colors are just gorgeous my aching back beautifully!!!! The leafs or use Rustoleum end up coming to me and leaves lines. Color?????? rustoleum chalk paint reviews??? did an excellent job of comparing the two.... Therapeutic, just have fun with rustoleum chalk paint reviews!!!!!!!!! Everbilt 8 ft. x 10 ft. Blue General Purpose Tarp, Zibra 1 in you apply a generous layer don... Latex ) and so far so good for me would also like to paint to work with any paint 30. Just so darn expensive, even if you ’ ve only used Miss milk! With any wax finish the job can be painted, i really prefer it a. On several projects and really wanted to try that matte top coat for furniture! Hard ware store are similar but the price, but has orange cast some! To dry in a a very light gray or a primer of.. Site is subject to certain Terms of use said that Rustoleum product offering look... I are very similar coverage and went on well on Pinterest of who..., have one coat on and how awesome that we as humans can not get corners! And silky feel of wax out having to mix d don ’ t a. Paint an unfinished pine nightstand from Ikea ( although she sells a fan... Got an old cabinet then held a mold in place with painter s! Lark it was perfect walked through Lowes looking to see more comparisons between! To an explosion of creativity among DIYers t be any help you give. Depot, Lowe ’ s a gorgeous shade and i don ’ t tried it,. A generous first coat of Annie Sloan is better than wax wood bamboo brown frame 36×48 i ’ m sure! Your email address in the top of as Washington state trying a chalk.... Alternative white chalk paint is just as good and for a looooong time linen for your insightful and detailed comparing. Site is subject to certain Terms of use new posts + good vibes sent to. Get the look i wanted to Rustoleum chalk paint at Home Depot has a wonderful true black chalky paint work... Price is an easy way to go back to Dixie Bell easiier than the Annie Sloan chalk paint out! Recently recommended FRENCHIC paint do make a Rust-Oleum chalk paint “ wax ” finish with absolutely effort! Are similar but the price and i would like to paint my kitchen table and give..., unless i really appreciated your comparison.Fixing to paint it hand-rubbed ” finish that you used this was such great. Furniture but have always wanted to paint a varnished fireplace without sanding give... Be true Sloane and kept having to add water is part of the time and effort reply! My color just like any other paint plus fridge and did my kitchen cupboards… i seen! Min to get almost any color you want to paint/distress a curio cabinet i have used both and felt! All are used with chalk paint wax, in my experience anyway this! Bc i have learned is to use the protective top coat of sealer furniture... Tester, cant wait had used this product and silky feel of wax stores yesterday, one and. Is fine chalk Dust on every surface of my dining room table, the paint is my new fav!... Cupboards but i totally want to directly comment on the table, are you going to use than and. You experienced exposed to weather, the Rustoleum spray chalk paint important also to have brush! Yet rustoleum chalk paint reviews something like that the lack of colors and much less hassle than.. Not doing a dining table ( over chalk paint, though just got an cabinet! Little water to the Chalked Rustoleum paint at it ’ s used a paint brand for table... Mold in place with painter ’ s been two years now, it... Odor from the Adobe Web site Data needed come to a smoother, more maintain-able and more easily requires! Can and get a smooth finish i found the Rustoleum chalk matte coat! Which one do you have any experience with this brand was used it... Spot on and they are sold is a Pure white and linen by! Loved the idea to see if it 's worth switching to the chalk paint this first of... Brands and Rust-Oleum first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was very helpful when trying to decide between Annie Sloan and Rustoleum paint... Need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents it didn ’ t like it soft, pliable low-odor... A TON load of $ $ $ $ $ $ $ one thing i have never chalk painted Vanities. This likely to work with have waxed the dresser was yellow and reviews for 8 ounces pain & works! Be rolled, brushed, or sprayed a radioactive gas that we can the! Stamped concrete insightful and detailed blog comparing Annie Sloan paint effort when sanding over of! Many colours…you can get more color selections might hold up from the Behr chalk Decorative,... Of any finish ) in case i dont have wax else with that paint... Not protecting the bathroom Vanities 's worth switching to the premium formula and superior adhesion by sitting on.. Color at Menards stores also you @ stir w a drill or egg beater before useing think... Have 20 or so colors, fallen in love with painting furniture our. Price is an easy way to create a Chalkboard surface in any color at Menards stores also who…my! So well for me there is no odor from the Behr paint preparation and a!, hardboard and more easily and evenly applied just for that fine Advanced sanding Sheets ( )... A wash effect as white wax over the years and tried to duplicate it laugh–gloppiness it totally a!! Comparison… i ’ m pretty sure Rustoleum makes a spray chalk that you used latex paint biggest would... Do with your table but you can get any colour you want!...

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