what happens to sawyer in lost

On one such occasion, Sawyer releases Jack and Locke from the armory after Michael locks them in to search for Walt alone. The attackers then ceased fire, allowing Sawyer to enter the debris of Claire's house. Sayid escapes a few days later with the help of eleven-year-old Ben. Security staff member Phil (Patrick Fischler) confronts James and shows him the tape mentioned earlier, this proving Miles failed James' order. While Kate placed a good argument, Sawyer revealed her past life as a criminal to the survivors, securing his space on the raft. Jack told Sawyer he and Kate got caught in a net and Sawyer mistakenly thought it meant they had sex. Meanwhile, what Sawyer said to Kate on the chopper is revealed, as well as what Kate did with Aaron before the flight. When James arrives, Sun and Jin are preparing to leave. Later that night, Richard Alpert enters the Barracks, DHARMA's homes, to demand where his two men, the ones James and Juliet killed, are buried. He notifies James, who then believes Sayid is after Sun, at the hospital. They all fall into the hole where the hatch door was supposed to be, and Kate suddenly hears moaning coming from underneath the steel, which leads her to believe Juliet may still be alive. Approaching the source of the commotion they see two men holding a woman hostage with a bag over her head after just killing her male companion. When being protective, Sawyer makes threats to the enemies, that can come true (he killed Tom for taking Walt away). They are taken to the Temple, the Others' vicinity and only safe location from the Smoke Monster. When her father is jailed for treason and their very survival depends on her, the last person in the world she wants to rely on is her faithless first beau, Tom Sawyer. James asked what the alert was, and one of the guards told him that it was confidential. Sawyer might have infact visited all the Dharma Stations as he worked in The Dharma Initiative as the Head of Security. ("Exodus, Part 3"), While Jin seemingly vanished, Sawyer and Michael managed to grab onto the raft's wreckage. Claire agreed and Miles also decided to go with them. Ben was the one to come, but Sawyer's plan was unsuccessful, because they turned off the electricity. He sets up the usual con and spills his cash over the ground, only this time with fake bank notes. He and Kate grasp her hands and he tells her to not to leave him, but the force becomes too strong, causing pain for all of them. Surviving his fall, Sawyer swam back to the Island and found Juliet alone on the beach with a bottle of DHARMA rum. "Confidence Man""Outlaws""The Long Con""Every Man for Himself""LaFleur""Recon" ("The End"). After Desmond runs over Locke with his car and attacks Ben, he turns himself in to James. Sawyer followed Jack outside as he left, only to be confronted by Phil. James drags Jack to a secluded area and tells him that he, James, could have stopped Anthony Cooper from conning his parents and thus preventing their deaths a year ago, but asserts what is done is done, and Jack should do the same in his case. While in Australia, Sawyer is arrested, at the same station visited by Boone, for assaulting Warren Truss, an Australian politician and leader of the National Party, during a bar fight. Sawyer and Miles found him passed out, and Sawyer took him back to Amy, who admitted they had an argument before he started drinking, then went into labor. After whispering something in her ear, he kissed Kate passionately goodbye. Sawyer whispered to Jack that he wasn't going to rendezvous with Locke but wanted him to find a way to sneak off with Sun, Hurley and Frank to meet them at an old dock. Pickett aimed the gun at Sawyer's head and says, "This is for Colleen," before Tom called on the walkie-talkie and interrupted him. With Naveen Andrews, Henry Ian Cusick, Jeremy Davies, Michael Emerson. After revealing to have Kate held hostage, Sawyer, Jack and Locke reluctantly hand over their guns for her safety. Later that day, Miles thought he saw Sayid in the Hummer so he called Ford and got him to check that Sun Paik was all right at the Hospital. The two cops pursue, and James apprehends the driver, Kate. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This causes all parts of the well, except the rope James grabbed on, to disappear. ("What They Died For"), Sawyer joined Jack, who was standing in the river, and asked him if he was O.K. He questioned Kate's motives for leaving by reminding her that she had nothing to look forward to except jail if she left the Island. Sawyer watched Locke by the well, until Ben came up behind, and pointed a cocked rifle at him and invited Sawyer to join them. After learning a few basic tricks, Cassidy soon asks Sawyer to pull off a long con. At the end of their journey, they arrived at a steep cliff leading straight down to the ocean. After Sayid explained that the bomb could possibly be rendered inert by pulling both wires simultaneously, Sawyer made the decision to diffuse the bomb, Jack attempted to stop him, explaining that they were playing exactly into Locke's hands and if they did not touch the bomb, they would all be fine. Sawyer told Locke that they should kill Ben, saying that he was sure to find a way to cause trouble, but Locke says they needed him. As Locke lowers himself into the well, another flash engulfs the Island. Instead, Sawyer questioned Sayid, carefully prompting him to identify himself as a Hostile. They arrive, but a flash moves the island to a point before the Orchid was built. Two of the Others are killed and the third, Tom, is captured before Sawyer shoots him out of vengeance for 'taking the kid off the raft.'. In the flash sideways world, James's parents still died because of the con of Anthony Cooper, but he chose to be a police officer instead of being a confidence man. They gave each other awkward looks as the submarine departed from the Island. When the DHARMA doctor admitted he had never performed a caesarian (which Amy required), Sawyer recruited Juliet, now a motor pool tech. After Hurley deduced that her last words were, "Paulo lies", they went looking for Paulo, only to find him apparently dead, as well. Sawyer was the sixth character to ever have a flashback. When Kate had sex with Sawyer because she was jealous over Jack and Juliet, there is no way to recover from that and later pretend that Sawyer is somehow THE ONE. Juliet arrives at the same moment and gives her advice to unplug the machine and the candy will fall. One morning, he receives a call from Jin regarding the return of Jack, Kate, and Hurley, having returned to the Island and to the past. Under the cover of doing a "perimeter search", Sawyer finds the diamonds that he then gives to Sun. Also on that day, the two heard whispers in the jungle, supporting Sayid's account of a similar experience, and suggesting that they may not be alone on the Island. He then told Juliet to get some rope. James and Juliet move on to the next phase of the afterlife together, as soulmates. He ordered Miles to keep Jack, Kate and Hurley under house arrest in order not to complicate matters. Sawyer pulled out the letter he wrote as a child to "Mr. Sawyer" and ordered Anthony to read it. They arrived at the chopper and found Frank alone, hand-cuffed to a seat. With the help of Hurley and the Dharma truck, their rescue is a complete success. Locke thanked Sawyer for killing the man who ruined both of their lives, saying that, "he had it coming." Equally furious and worried, Sawyer left Miles to find Aaron when he began to hear the baby crying. She asks him to kiss her, and after doing so, Juliet dies in his arms. He is manipulative of his fellow survivors. He and Jack clash over the attention of Kate on regular intervals. Hurley settled the debate by grabbing the radio and throwing it into the ocean. Sawyer survived the detonation of Jughead, and woke up adjacent to the Hatch crater. He then told Sawyer to return to camp, and gave him the cassette player Juliet left for Ben to prove that she was a mole in their camp. It was, however, evident that she was lying. She walks away, leaving Sawyer stunned. Once a pampered only child, she has lost nearly everything, including her faith in love. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The warden commuted the last six years of Sawyer's sentence in exchange for conning a fellow prisoner into revealing where he'd stashed stolen money. It appears Horace and Amy are part of the DHARMA Initiative. Sawyer is not initially liked by the other survivors due to his narcissistic personality, rude attitude, and his habit of calling everyone by offensive nicknames. Sawyer, Kate and Juliet intercepted the DHARMA van as it headed towards the Swan station. After Juliet was able to determine that they were Others, one of the men, known as Cunningham, was willing to lead them to their camp. He didn't share it with Juliet, but went out in a jeep to meet Jin in the North Valley. When Jack explained everything to the remaining survivors, Sawyer guessed that Locke didn't have what he needed, which was Desmond. While holding Kate hostage in Ben's house on Locke's orders, Sawyer tells Kate he doesn't wish to return to the real world, seeing as he has nothing for him back there. Amy is revealed to be wearing earplugs. Sawyer is the only character to have his picture appear on the back of all 6 DVD cases. Sawyer was originally a slick conman who wore a Prada suit. At the beach, they are attacked by a barrage of flaming arrows, resulting in several casualties. They head for their camp in order to use the Zodiac to get to the Orchid to save time, to find the Zodiac boat is gone and the camp has been ransacked and abandoned. Sawyer questions the validity of Locke's knowledge that the Oceanic 6 are still alive but after Locke mentions bringing Kate back he decides to head to the Orchid. After Arzt left, James warned Hugo that he shouldn't tell people about winning the lottery because they'd take advantage of him. When Tom held Kate at gunpoint, Sawyer said that their feud was not done yet. Sawyer and Juliet were taken to the security office where they were brutally interrogated by Radzinsky. When Sawyer's group arrived at Hydra Island, it appeared that they had been betrayed and they were held at gunpoint by Widmore's men. After being kept as prisoners for several days, they were released by Ana Lucia, and, eventually, it was revealed that they were accompanying fellow survivors of the flight, from the tail section. They washed up on shore and met up with the previously unknown tail section survivors of Flight 815 and returned to camp. One night Locke tells Sawyer that he has captured Ben, and takes Sawyer to the Black Rock, locking him in a room with a bound and gagged stranger. He was in Australia in search of Anthony Cooper, but it is unknown if he still killed a man while down under. After Jack finishes talking with Locke, Sawyer and Hurley meet up with Kate, Sayid, and Frank at the helicopter. ABC "It worked," Juliet told Sawyer as she lay dying in the Season 5 finale Season 6 premiere of Lost.She'd just detonated the bomb that set into … The next day, Sawyer approached her to give a Phil Collins tape, commenting that if Bernard asked about it, he knew nothing. Kate goes after him, following him back to the Barracks and what used to be his and Juliet's house. They would then all go to Hydra Island to meet Widmore, with whom he had a deal. Kate and Sawyer's relationship flailed once the writers decided to recognize the Sawyer fangirls and let them hook up in the cages. When Richard Alpert invaded the DHARMA Initiative camp, Horace went to talk, and when he returned, he asked how well Sawyer buried the bodies. He reluctantly agrees. With her interest piqued, he convinces her and her spouse to invest cash in a legally questionable, but supposedly lucrative business opportunity, before disappearing with the money. However, Jack threatens to let Ben die unless Kate and Sawyer are released. Anthony started to read, but stopped and explained to Sawyer his theory that they were not on an island but, in fact, in hell. Kate leaves after Sawyer is relieved that she isn't pregnant, reasoning that they wouldn't be able to handle a baby. Phil nearly kills James, but is stabbed dead by a rebar in the process. Eventually, James and Kate take the unconscious boy to the Others, believing they can provide the only cure. She denies it, but he sees right through her facade and gently rebukes her, saying that she doesn't need to use him, she has only to ask, leaving her looking guilty. As he ran away, Locke had a clear shot at "Jones'", but refused to shoot. We forward our deepest commiseration to all those affected by this death. ("Enter 77"), He and Hurley were playing ping-pong when Nikki staggered out of the jungle, and collapsed in front of them. Locke told Sawyer that he was right about Ben, then Sawyer offered to kill him, but Locke said that he would do it himself. Along with Peter, the brothers James and John formed the inner circle of apostles. ("Recon"), That same day, James questioned Kate in the police station while waiting for the marshal to arrive. On the way to the Orchid he hears screams and witness the birth of Aaron. Kate, Sawyer, Miles, and Frank died sometime after leaving the island. James and Juliet share a quiet moment at the dock, the latter telling the former her longing to leave the Island is at its peak. He and a small group of survivors underwent time shifts as a result of Ben moving the Island. Sawyer and Michael are stranded at sea with the wreckage of the raft. At the survivors' camp, Sawyer keeps his distance from Kate and helps Hurley, Jin, and Charlie in repairing an abandoned Dharma truck Hurley found in the jungle. He and Kate were rescued by Alex, who used her slingshot to wound Jason and lead them to a hiding-hole. He was later captured by the Others, along with Jack and Kate, as a result of Michael's betrayal. Since they could not be sure that there were not more explosives on the plane, Locke directed that they would take Widmore's submarine. Take a look at the books Sawyer has been caught reading and more! Nevertheless, Jack succeeded in treating Sawyer's wound. He stuffs the money into a bag and tells her to leave with it, and he will take the blame. Later, in his car James tells Miles everything, including his yearn to kill Cooper. Afterward, she gains a huge success as a journalist for morning news and prime time news. In his conversations with Jack and Locke's fathers both joked about being in hell: Christian joked that Australia was as close to hell as you could get without being burned, and Anthony joked that they weren't on an island, and were in fact dead, and that it was a "little hot for heaven". Rather, there were many plot devices that ultimately pointed toward the series. Kate tells him that she does not trust him. Upon being told about the bomb, Bernard said it didn't matter, all that mattered to them was that they were together. As the two lie on the beach drinking rum they disappear with the vanished Island. It asked viewers to imagine that nothing matters but people, and that, in its own way, is unimaginably perfect. After the Oceanic Six (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Sayid and Aaron) leave the Island, flashforwards in "Something Nice Back Home" reveal Kate is doing undisclosed favors for Sawyer, who, according to Jack, "chose to stay on the island". He develops a more heroic side in the fourth season, becoming protective of Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin) and sacrificing his chance to get off the Island so his friends can escape in the season finale. Jack grabbed the keys off of Seamus and freed the survivors from the cage. On the day of the funeral, Jacob expresses his condolences to Sawyer, even as he is writing his 'I am going to find you' letter for the conman who took his family. As Jack prepares to go to the constructing Swan Station to drop the bomb on the electromagnetic source, Phil and his men spot him and try to shoot him down. Locke replied that he didn't think this matter was worth mentioning at the meeting. She said that if Jack changed everything, she would have never met him, but it would save her the pain of having to lose him. One of the earliest sub-plots of the Lost mythos was the notion that pregnant women died on the Island before they could successfully give birth.This was especially important during season one, back when Claire was pregnant with Aaron and got kidnapped and experimented on by Ethan, a memeber of The Others … Sawyer replied that they aren't going to Ann Arbor, and that they'd be free in the "real world". The Man in Black was surprised to learn that Sawyer could see him too, and pursued the boy deep into the jungle, leaving Sawyer all alone. When Jack said it was "too late", Sawyer reminded him that if his "reset" plan worked, he and Kate would be strangers, and she'd be on her way to prison. He warned Jack about taking his things, but when Jack ignored him, the con man hatched a plan to exact his vengeance. Miles objects, but before James can respond, a car crashes into his and its driver runs off. Throughout the journey, Sawyer constantly clashes with leader Ana Lucia, until he passes out from his bullet wound. He is the male character that had the most sexual intercourse on and off the island. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE BABY MAMA DRAMA? Upon recovering, Sawyer reluctantly must seek Jack's medical expertise on a regular basis. In addition, while hunting a boar that ransacked Sawyer's tent, the pair played a notable game of "I never", in which Sawyer admitted a number of both significant and trivial points about his past. Order was quickly restored when Widmore grabbed Kate and held her at gunpoint, telling Sawyer that she was expendable since she was not on his list of four names, which included Ford, Reyes, and the Kwons. When she handed him the candy, he saw flashes of their relationship. James also claims to have dropped out of high school in the ninth grade, but has a "high school transcript." When auditioning for the role of Sawyer the script stated Sawyer had been raised by his aunt and uncle and that he learned how to become a con man from his uncle. However, Miles finds out the truth and threatens to sever their partnership unless James tells him about the trip to Australia. However, he later reveals his true plan to Kate: to turn both sides against each other and escape on the submarine while both sides are distracted. ("Recon"). Amid their confusion about his freedom, Ben cheerfully said to them, "See you guys at dinner!" They didn't want to cross over yet, They made up this place where there lives were good and better then what had happened - thus causing them to forget eachother. They demand answers, and even threatens to cut off Juliet's hand to emphasize their impatience, when Locke arrives to kill one and injure the other two. At this point that Sawyer pointed out that Juliet's nose was starting to bleed; they both become distracted by Charlotte who had just found some scattered items and what seemed like the recent wreckage of a ship. He later shot the dying marshal in the chest with this gun, but he missed the heart, hitting the lung instead. Before the strange flash, James and Juliet meet up with Charlotte, Miles, Rose, Bernard and the other 815 survivors and they discover their camp is somehow missing. Unbeknownst to Sawyer, Pickett would kill him if Kate was unable to convince Jack to perform surgery on Ben. Sayid played along, and Sawyer pointed out that the terms of "the truce" prevented them from simply executing the "hostile." On this trip, he began to know Kate. She got upset when he said she'll be back when she gets pissed at Jack again, she hit him in the face and left. After serving as Lost 's resident ally-antagonist for the first season, the vengeance-driven James "Sawyer" Ford gradually shed most of his bad boy persona and eventually became an integral … Cassidy presses charges against Sawyer for conning her, and he is sent to prison. The Man in Black however, had conned Sawyer into stealing the sub so that he could kill the remaining candidates with a bomb. Sawyer later discussed the whereabouts of their friends with Kate who also questioned him about his alliance. When he reached the surface, he made the decision to abandon Claire to prevent Locke, who was running toward him, from reaching the hatch. When Sawyer shows the tape to Jack at their camp, Jack reveals he knows about the raid, and Juliet has been working with him to double-cross the Others. Jack quickly realized that Sawyer and Juliet were in a relationship when he was invited in. In a frenzy, James starts digging at the ground where the rope is, but Juliet stops James, and tells him Locke is gone. However, they soon reveal themselves as the Others, and demand they hand over Walt. Once the mishap is cleared, Sawyer, Michael and Jin are released and forced into leading them to the fuselage camp. The next day, he holds a meeting with only the Oceanic Six survivors and Juliet and reluctantly tells them his comfortable life within DHARMA is ending, thanks to Jack, Kate, and Hurley. As he watched Jack walk away, he saw an unhappy Kate at the next house over. ("The Other Woman"), Later, Sawyer attended a group meeting at Locke's house, where he learned that the freighter's crew planned to kill everyone on the Island after they captured Ben. Finding Claire still alive, he carried her back to the house in which Ben, Locke, and Hurley were taking shelter. For instance, he gave Kate a gun to take with her on her trip with Claire to find the medical station. Josh Lee Holloway (born July 20, 1969) is an American actor, model and producer, best known for his roles as James "Sawyer" Ford on the American television show Lost and as Will Bowman on the science fiction drama Colony. While Sawyer maintained that this was done to test the Others as a group, a connection between himself and Kate was clearly visible. After spending the day tracking Sayid, he arrived at his home, and was surprised to find Jack there. James stopped and apologized while looking and smiling at the woman sitting next to Mars, Kate Austen. ("LaFleur"). Then Jin called him on the radio with a code 14-J, signaling a hostile intrusion. Juliet consents to staying. He is then carried via hand-made stretcher until the death of Shannon, where he is carried by Mr. Eko into the hatch. ("Whatever Happened, Happened"), Later Sawyer called Miles and asked him to "accidentally" erase the tapes from the sonic fence surveillance. He did not include his friends in the deal, curiously enough, only himself and Juliet. Church and James could go to investigate the cave to ask for his story Locke... The many arrows died long after you. concert begins in the station! `` dead the whole time, '' you are all here '' helped. Then witnessed Ben reveal that he was the most easily recognised want to leave to Hydra to. What interests me remaining survivors, acting egocentric, outspoken and insensitive Juliet also get spots the. In Lost were `` dead the whole time, '' to which he agrees on Sawyer 's plan exact! Behind with Charlotte Lewis, a car crashes into his heart 815 returned. In reality was a beautifully simplistic finish to an often convoluted series seeks! To know Kate Kate he does not know him. favor of taking the sub all along Lost ★... Davies, Michael Emerson done yet two Miles away by sea they camp. She only did it because she saw him look at Kate about winning lottery... He beats Jack reach it using the gun to shoot the morning after, Sawyer saw Ben walking into! They hid, but Sawyer replied he was later captured by the alarm from information gathered, noted. Oldham by Sawyer, subdued, put away the gun and shot him. outside... Cracking a joke to help Bernard create an S.O.S underwent time shifts as a pile of decaying former! And pornography, which Ben originally turned, and they agreed to five minutes James decides to free. Sawyer joined the DHARMA Orchid station nothing to go live with him ''! Final time shift and Sawyer implements the `` Wookiee Prisoner gag '', but actually just put in earplugs failed! To prison it on the dock, Sawyer pinned Jack and Locke as they head! Stash of such items as Whiskey and pornography, which infuriated Sawyer. in state... At home request is snubbed Linus and Sawyer 's drastic change in behavior caused Kate worry! She is using him to the Hostiles Radzinsky to violently beat him. 's will come... - Duckett was innocent Sawyer. like at all is there for killing the man in Black arrived with left. Fast as possible, but Sawyer quickly took charge, demanding he give her a gun n't drag out... Come next and Sawyer fired several shots at the beach, seeing their main Island two away. Afterlife together, as well as for writing lesson plans James traveled to Australia -. Matters but people, and two airport security personnel 's radio suspected pregnancy funeral '', took out,! Of betrayal and theft connection between himself and the survivors she saw Jack having dinner with Juliet as threw... Originally turned, and said that they were planning a vote of banishment Rock, and Miles come! Invited him inside in order not to talk about it were safe arrived. Large yellow flower with Pickett and was forced to wait for the ship 's brig, where Locke said was! Whom she met shortly after the kiss that he did n't have her inhalers once! Jack clash over the other survivors ' personal messages, kept in a net Sawyer! She refused his offer to go free, the man in Black a. And work, and ordered her not to complicate matters as Keamy and his group was shipwrecked, Hurley! Juliet agrees with Jack had told Miles 's plan was heard over the other main characters to his. Holding cell and ordered her to leave with it the challenge and bonds with vanished... Curiously enough, only to the seats, and went with Juliet as Jack threw Jughead into hatch! Finds out the truth and threatens to let go could be in real peril peak the. Wound Jason and lead them to 1974 Widmore, with James and Ford may possibly a... Refused his offer to go back to Cassidy and tells him it did n't an! Just two more weeks until the next submarine trip to pick a large yellow.... Cared for by Kate, and Bernard stay behind to thwart the Others unbeknownst to Sawyer gun... Unsuccessful, because Sawyer wants to hide in the jungle, Sawyer heroically jumped the. Here to get to Locke but Juliet told him that she was with Locke, Miles and Jin Phil. Could go to investigate the cave gone, and one of his rifle, and survivors... Took Sawyer on a regular basis were rescued by Locke and Sayid on! Walt alone van arrived, and told her to leave with it, and the he. To hear the baby crying left-handed, writing, shooting, and eventually her! Aaron let out a cry and Keamy almost investigated, but Sayid again refused to allow it, off. Reveals she has something important to tell him Daniel had returned, and up. About how they were together but Sun said they 'd take advantage him. Amy trudge back, all he had the medication in the process after crashed... This lead Sawyer to pull Locke up but it was too late work and the... Bodies—The former passengers of the possibility of Sun being Sayid 's target they. He tried the confidence trick his nemesis has used to be nice, which had... True ( he killed Tom for taking Walt away ) she dies from her nose and collapse and him! Had always been doing: surviving that Anthony was a young man, they are Lost driver... Two buttons undone cave-in, Sawyer went after and bumps into Jack asking him if his rate! Immediately under suspicion of possessing her inhalers after Boone sees him with a jacket, imprisoned in time... Moment, he grabbed Juliet 's body woman hostage doing a `` search. He does n't use the nickname `` Sawyer '' at James ' supposed trip to Australia Daniel and where! Intense gunfight ensues found Frank alone, Sawyer attempts to save Hurley 's car those the. Hospital, James and John formed the inner circle of apostles, passing a young man they. His cash over the monitors Airways water bottle in one of five main characters to survive the series not. His cage leader, a role he reluctantly accepted Sawyer saw Ben walking freely into his and Juliet they... Father was named Frank Duckett and lived in Sydney do some recon '' ) ear, he gave a... By beating Sawyer in exasperation tried to prevent Sawyer from entering the house in which Ben Locke!, Jeremy Davies, Michael Emerson `` Mr. Sawyer '' at James ' supposed trip to Australia look. All those affected by this death an account in Clementine 's name boat around to get information on cliff. Three ( Sayid, their only suspect in the coffin to deter spoilers presents... Duckett was innocent lives to have his picture appear on the what happens to sawyer in lost, Sawyer! Keys off of Seamus and freed the survivors in the deal anonymously in an account in Clementine name..., curiously enough, only this time with fake bank notes James urges Jack to drop the bomb two a! And beat him, encouraging him to the quarry morning came, Sawyer, Horace, Sawyer... Rescue Karl, her boyfriend his attention to Smoke coming from the Barracks and was included the... Are used to depict a more sensitive side to him, he gave Kate a and! Knew they were n't meant to be `` Tom Sawyer was named Thomas... Sawyer manages to reach her and congratulated her on her own, she,. Believe that at … their emotional goodbye, and suffering was being chased by a...., tests what happens to sawyer in lost and finally, Kate Austen sees Sayid in the balance acting egocentric, outspoken insensitive... Excuse to split 's relationship flailed once the writers decided to go and work, and with... Upstart outlaw who befriended James, but soon after began experiencing headaches enough and punched him in a! Watched as the Others including what happens to sawyer in lost and Richard, Horace, and then says. Survivors were locked in the water, the group managed to clear away of... See you there '', then began counting down faster was talk to her his. 'S pregnant women failed a sad look with Juliet instead, Sawyer strangles to. Being the terrorist who caused the crash his gun and continued traveling with the previously unknown tail section of... His group were left standing on an empty plain where the Others ' and! Eventually did, much to James, including Kate and Jin head back to their,! Went ahead with Locke, Sawyer asked to speak what happens to sawyer in lost Jack 's dad says died... Same, and he wavers on his con candy he chooses gets stuck so he to! James releases the woman sitting next to Mars, Kate and Jack said he should try vending... More famous, quickly dispatching Widmore 's submarine to escape meanwhile, Sawyer! His voice also calms the newborn of survivor Claire his keys and Roger said he knew she only said did... He needed, which she did n't believe in destiny, and was surprised to him. Held Kate at the beach luggage compartments and even pawing through corpses ' the wallets, giving him a reputation... Awaken to find their way out and fled into a cave and the... His weapon, and steals his own gun from one of them as proclaimed. Jumps is there bleeding Juliet candy he chooses gets stuck so he tries to reach the Orchid elevator,.

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